Freezing Fat Cells

Freezing Fat Cells | Eliminate Stubborn Fat Cells Without Surgery

Freezing fat cells is the revolutionary way to eliminate stubborn fat bulges in problem areas like the lower belly, armpits, and back. CoolSculpting sessions use the advanced cold sculpting technology of Cryolipolysis to target and freeze fat cells through a non-invasive, safe procedure. It is an FDA cleared process that sculpts a more firm, curvaceous body without surgery or a lengthy recovery. 

Cryolipolysis Eliminates Stubborn Fat Bulges

Even the most active, healthy men and women can struggle with diet and exercise-resistant fat cells. Before Cryolipolysis cooling technology, those individuals were compelled to invest in expensive, invasive surgeries like liposuction to get rid of fatty bulges. Thanks to CoolSculpting, those same people can enjoy a painless, non-invasive treatment that lasts as little as 35 minutes  and eliminates fat cells.

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Benefits of Freezing Fat Cells

  • Reduces stubborn fat cells
  • Safe and effective
  • Non-invasive and no downtime needed
  • Targets trouble zones like the lower belly, inner thighs, double chin, and more
  • All-natural looking results
  • Long-term solution with lasting results
  • Sculpts a more lean, curvy body

How Fat Freezing Cells Works

CoolSculpting reduces stubborn bulges with Cryolipolysis. This fat freezing treatment uses an applicator that isolates the target fat cells and exposes them to precise, controlled cooling. Those temperatures are cold enough to effectively “freeze” the subcutaneous fat without harming the skin’s surface. Once frozen, the fat cells will crystalize, and the cell’s membrane will rupture. With a damaged membrane, the cell no longer functions properly and dies. When the fat cells die, the body triggers a response to dispose of them. Once they are gone, the fat cells cannot regrow. CoolSculpting provides patients with long-term solutions for stubborn fat bulges by eliminating the fat cells. Cryolipolysis is like liposuction because they both remove the fat cells from the body. But this fat freezing technique is painless and non-invasive, unlike lipo.

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Fat Freezing Cells | Am I the Right Candidate?

To enjoy the full-body contouring potential of freezing fat cells, you have to be the right candidate for the treatment. Most are mistaken by believing anyone can undergo this transformative procedure. The ideal candidate will be a healthy, active adult who follows a proper diet and exercise routine. Since Cryolipolysis is not used to treat obesity, the wrong candidate is significantly overweight. The best way to determine if CoolSculpting is for you is to schedule a complimentary consultation with a reputable medical spa, like Cool Aesthetics. We can decide if fat freezing is right for you and help you get the body of your dreams!

Fat Freezing With Cryolipolysis

If you are wondering how fat-freezing could improve your physique, schedule your complimentary consultation now. Cool Aesthetics is a premier provider of CoolSculpting. Call us at (405) 842-9732 or reach out to us online.


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