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What is CoolTone? | The New Body Contouring Treatment

CoolTone is a new, innovative body contouring treatment that helps sculpt a more defined body. Since its release from the makers of CoolSculpting, people keep asking what is CoolTone? While its sister-treatment focuses on fat reduction, CoolTone focuses on building muscle definition. This FDA cleared procedure works to stimulate deep muscle tissues with intense contractions that help strengthen and tone the muscles. The result is a visibly more firm, sculpted body.

What Is Cool Tone able to treat?

Cool Tone is FDA cleared to treat the following areas on the body:

  • Abdomen
  • Upper legs or thigh area
  • Buttocks

What is Cool Tone Good For?

This body contouring treatment is FDA cleared to treat three specific parts  on the body to help build, strengthen, and define the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, and the buttocks. Each Cool Tone treatment can help increase the core muscles while reducing stubborn belly fat that notoriously plagues the abdominals. It also helps to define and tone the thigh muscles, and helps firm and lift the buttocks to achieve that coveted Brazilian butt.

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What Is Cooltone’s Science?

Many want to know what is CoolTone’s scientific proof. CoolTone claims a variety of clinical data behind it from numerous studies. The research measures the safety and efficacy of the treatments using advanced MMS technology. Findings show that:

  • 46% reduction of diastasis recti
  • 4% decrease in subcutaneous fat
  • 73mm reduction in the fat layer
  • 19% increase in muscle thickness

What is CoolTone Treatment Capable of?

What is CoolTone capable of? In a nutshell, CoolTone can give your muscles a super-human workout. CoolTone uses electromagnetic technology that causes intense muscle contractions using a technique known as Magnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS). The deep contractions from MMS are more potent than any muscle contractions obtained through manual exercise. You can spend countless hours in the gym and never be able to get the results possible with CoolTone.

Each CoolTone treatment yields supramaximal contractions, 20,000 contractions to be exact, during each treatment. These contractions help to build muscle cells and strengthen the existing fibers rapidly. Each treatment is 30 minutes and requires no downtime.

What is CoolTone Going to Do for Me?

Now that you know about the muscle building treatment, the next questions should be, what is CoolTone going to do for me? If you’re ready to learn what CoolTone can do for you, Cool Aesthetics is prepared to help. We’ll answer your questions and help you decide if you are the perfect CoolTone candidate. Schedule your free consultation with our body-contouring technicians. Contact Cool Aesthetics online or call (405) 842-9732.


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